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Estate Planning

Most people do not take the time to consider their estate planning because it is in our nature to not want to think about illness or death. We want to be present in the moment, enjoying our families and friends, and the good times, as they come into our lives, avoiding the bad stuff as much as possible. No one wants bad things to happen.

However, the reality of life in this world is that it is the loving thing to do to prepare and plan for how our estate should be handled if we are ill, disabled, or inevitably meet our maker. By planning, we assist our family through these difficult times, and help the hard and grieving times to be a little less stressful.

Estate planning should not be put off until a later date, when in the uncertainty of this world, we never know if there will be a later date. Of course, we all pray and hope to live long, healthy lives.

At the Law Office of Deborah N. Arthur, our goal is to walk you through the process of planning your estate in a non-stressful and comfortable manner. We strive to address your concerns for yourself, your family, and your close friends, and how to set up the most effective estate plan for your individual and specific situation.

Estate planning includes discussing and planning for the disposal of your estate, how probate will work or not play into your estate, and how to reduce taxes and other expenses. For minor children and incapacitated beneficiaries, we discuss designating guardians and trustees.

The basic estate plan will usually include a will, power of attorney, and medical power of attorney (also known as an advance medical directive). However, many individuals and families will benefit from setting up a Revocable Trust.

Prior to meeting with an attorney, it is a good idea for you to take an inventory of your assets and liabilities and ask yourself some basic questions: Who do you want to receive your estate? Are there specific assets that you desire specific individuals to receive? If you become incapacitated, who would you want to handle your financial affairs? If you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself, who would you want to make medical decisions for you?

At the Law Office of Deborah N. Arthur, we enjoy getting to know you, your families, and your situation, as we spend time together planning for yourself and your loved ones. We can also assist with Estate Administration, including fililng inventories, preparing accountings, and assist in guiding your executor through the probate process.

At the Law Office of Deborah N. Arthur, we will go over all of these questions with you and create the estate plan that best meets your needs which may include: