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Bankruptcy Can Give You A Fresh Start

In today’s economy, you may be finding it difficult to get ahead. In fact, you may feel like you are in a hole so deep that you cannot climb out of it on your own. You may have had a loss of income due to cutbacks, illness or disability. Are your wages being garnished? Are creditors harassing you or suing you? Is your home heading toward foreclosure or your vehicle about to be repossessed? Do you just need room to breathe again?

Bankruptcy may be the solution for you. With proper planning and sound legal advice, you may be able to eliminate credit card debts, medical bills and wage garnishments. You also may be able to protect your property, such as your house, vehicles, furniture, family heirlooms and wages.

Experienced Bankruptcy Help For Individuals

At the Law Office of Rebecca L. Evans, we can evaluate your financial situation, determine whether you are eligible for bankruptcy, look at other options you may have and discuss with you the pros and cons of bankruptcy based on your individual situation. We look at each client individually as to their needs and goals and do not take a cookie-cutter approach.

In determining what option is best for you — including Chapter 7 filings, Chapter 13 filings, or some other option — it’s important to understand the full nature of your financial situation. To that end, here are some of the documents that will prove useful during your initial consultation:

  • List of all debts, including current balances (a copy of the most current bill, collection notice or law suit is also helpful). Don’t forget your mortgage and your car loan.
  • List of all assets, including real estate holdings, vehicles, retirement accounts, investments and other personal property.
  • Copies of your most recent tax return and most recent pay stub.

Let Us Help You Make Your Life Easier

At the Law Office of Rebecca L. Evans, we look forward to serving you and making your life easier, more breathable. Isn’t it time you had a break?

Contact our office today for a free initial consultation. Call 703-278-2028, or send us an email online. We have your best interest in mind and work hard to ease your financial burden.

For our clients benefit, we are considered to be a debt relief agency because we help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.