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An Agreement Can Protect You And Your Children

In these times when the nuclear family is not always the norm, you may choose to consider how to protect your assets and income for your children and yourself in a prenuptial agreement. Many people consider these agreements to be only applicable to couples with a lot of assets, or couples who don’t know if they’ll be together till death do them part. However, that’s a misconception. Premarital agreements are helpful tools for any couple to ensure both parties are protected and their wishes are respected no matter what happens.

What Is Covered By A Premarital Agreement?

These types of agreements can set forth what happens to:

  • Real estate
  • Retirement income
  • Any children and their education funds
  • Various other assets

The agreement can cover what happens in case of separation, divorce or even death. It is important for you to discuss these issues with your fiancé well in advance of the wedding day, and to obtain legal advice as to your rights, with and without a prenuptial agreement. The attorneys at the Law Office of Rebecca L. Evans would love to meet with you to discuss these issues so you can enjoy your wedding day knowing you have prepared for the future.

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