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How can I minimize conflict while co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Family Law |

Whether you worry about what school your child will attend in the upcoming year or another major decision, you may find yourself at odds with your co-parent. Important topics can lead to arguments and high tension between you both.

After a divorce, you may wonder how to handle instances where you and your ex-spouse have a conflict over child care issues.

Communicate directly

According to Healthline, keeping your text messages or phone calls brief and to the point is one way to prevent any frustration. Sometimes, setting a numerical limit for how many messages you both exchange in a day can help reduce any stress you both feel.

Double-check the tone of what you write to make sure that you do not appear aggressive or upset. Avoid accusing your co-parent of anything negative, and instead, focus on the well-being of your child over any other issue.

Take time to listen

While good communication is important, so is learning how to listen. As your co-parent talks, make sure to not interrupt him or her before he or she finishes speaking.

Another way to do this is to repeat what you heard back to the other person to check if it is accurate. Not only does this encourage further communication, but it helps you clarify any confusing details about important childcare topics like medical care or religious instruction.

Think like a team

Your mindset when discussing important childcare issues should always stay focused on what you both can do together. Thinking of your co-parent as your advocate instead of an obstacle can help you come to better solutions for any medical or schooling problems.

Staying focused on the benefits of co-parenting can help you both work harmoniously to provide the best life possible for your child.

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