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What goes into the costs of a Virgnia funeral?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Estate Planning |

One avenue of estate planning that many families do not have at the top of their priorities is the cost of a future funeral. You and your loved ones may insist on talking about inheritances and powers of attorney.

However, planning for these costs have a number of benefits, including peace of mind on the part of loved ones needing to pay for funeral services in the middle of grief and loss.

Costs of transport and preparation

The National Funeral Directors Association estimates that Virginia funerals, and other states in the South Atlantic region, cost a median amount between $7,070 and $7,800. This depends largely on whether you and your family opt for cremation or burial but depends on other factors as well.

Typical transfer of the body occurs between the scene of the death, like hospitals or a person’s home. Transportation may include going up for an autopsy or transferring between funeral homes as well.

Virginia does not require preparation like embalming, though many funeral homes require it in the case of an open casket service.

Other costs to prepare for

Some cemeteries require a cement vault installed for burials and each funeral home has its own packages to examine. When it comes to pre-paying for a funeral, a trust or preneed contract may help sort things out.

Each of these agreements involves contracts that need to hold up to legal scrutiny at the time of someone’s passing. It is important to communicate with your family and other resources to make sure your agreements convey your wishes.

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