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What do you know about choosing a health care proxy?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Estate Planning |

While tending to your estate planning needs, do not neglect to plan for medical emergencies that may render you incapacitated. Do you know how to choose a proper health care proxy to make medical decisions in your stead?

Forbes offers tips on the matter to help you choose. Learn how to designate a qualified individual to help take proper care of you when you cannot speak for yourself.

Shifting situations

Changing medical conditions may require quick decisions to protect a patient’s life. Your health care proxy should be someone capable of making choices under pressure. Your well-being may depend on this person’s quick thinking.

Seeking deeper understanding

Medical professionals do not always speak in terms that laypeople understand. Select a proxy who does not hesitate to ask for clarification or answers when something does not make sense. Gathering proper information helps your proxy make well-informed decisions regarding your medical care, even if getting answers means asking busy nurses and doctors to slow down.

Advocating for you

Medical professionals do not always give patients the attention, time and respect they deserve. Choose someone to speak with your voice who does not hesitate to stand for themselves or those closest to them, even in the face of pushback.

Differing opinions and values

The person acting as your proxy does not have to share all your medical care values and opinions, but she or he should respect your views regarding the medical care you want to receive. Ask yourself if your proxy candidate can set aside personal feelings to honor your wishes.

Reflect on your health care proxy choice. Your life may one day rest in this person’s hands.


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