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3 things your future executor should know

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Estate Planning |

When you name someone executor over your Virginia estate, you place a large amount of trust in this individual to make sure that your wishes come to fruition. For this reason, you want to appoint an executor who you feel is responsible, conscientious and attentive. Even if you name the most responsible and attentive executor you know, though, there are still certain things you might want to do to make this person’s job easier.

Per AARP, it may make your executor’s job easier if you make sure he or she knows the following information.

1. Where to find your will

You want your executor to know where to find an original copy of your will. If you have it recorded electronically somewhere, make sure your executor knows how to access it. The same holds true if you left your will in the care of your attorney.

2. Where you keep secrets

Most people have secrets, and if there are photos, letters or other belongings you do not want to become public, tell your executor where they are and what you want to happen to them.

3. How to access your accounts

If you want your executor to pay off certain debts, shut down your social media or what have you, then he or she needs to know how to get into these accounts and do so. Make sure to pass along any important passwords and access information.

You may also wish to tell your executor what parties or groups to notify about your death and who you want to take ownership of nonfinancial or non-divisible assets, too.

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