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Why does personality matter for your choice in executors?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Estate Planning |

When dealing with your executor, you may have an idea in mind for the technical skills you want them to have. Part of these skills should include how they handle unexpected problems with other people and the courts.

Learning more about why the person you choose for this role needs a certain temperament is important.

Dealing with upset beneficiaries

According to Kiplinger, you should discuss the possible challenges of being an executor with whoever you choose since they may have concerns about living out of state or dealing with people they do not see often. If they feel comfortable with this situation, they should also think about what to do if arguments among the beneficiaries break out.

Having a person who knows how to handle conflict is key when they need to deal with expensive or meaningful assets.

Staying unbiased with others

Since this time is often full of stress and mourning, emotions may become heightened. Your executor should not have any biases or tendencies for one party or particular beneficiary over another one. Being able to deal with each problem as its own individual situation and communicate regularly with all the beneficiaries is important during this process.

Being honest

When dealing with another person’s estate, an executor needs to be honest and fair. They cannot use money from the estate for their own personal reasons and they must make sure to file all necessary paperwork on time.

Picking the right person can impact your beneficiaries and how smoothly this process goes.

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