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Where can you store copies of your will?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Estate Planning |

After completing your will, the next critical decision is where to store it. You should keep multiple copies of your will in various places to prepare for unexpected situations.

There are several popular locations to consider.

Safety deposit box

Consumers rent more than 25 million safety deposit boxes across the country. These boxes provide a high level of security since you have control over who can access them. However, it is advisable not to keep the original copy of your will in the box since it poses accessibility challenges after your death. Instead, place a duplicate copy in the safety deposit box and designate a trusted individual to have access in case questions arise about your will’s validity.

Home safe

Your home’s fireproof safe offers another secure option for storing your will. As with a safety deposit box, refrain from storing the original copy in a safe with limited access. However, keeping a copy in the safe ensures that there’s an additional document in case questions arise.

Your executor

When you select the executor of your estate, consider providing them with a copy of your will to ensure they fully understand your expectations. Any time you make changes to your will, make sure to update their copy accordingly.

Original copy

Retain the original copy of your will with either the county clerk’s office or in a secure location like your office drawer. The court may require the original during the probate process.

It is important to anticipate potential challenges or questions regarding your will and ensure that you have enough accessible copies to address any doubts about its validity.


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